Friday, February 3, 2012

Yes! I received my first 5-star review

For Candlelight Sinner, that is. And even better news is that the reader seemingly enjoyed the book, because she gave it the highest rating, which is wonderful. I'm still trying to bring across that the book might be labelled as paranormal romantic comedy, but it's far more urban and chick lit than paranormal. Think Charmed, and there aren't even demons in my book.

Anyway, here's what the reader said:

Candlelight Sinner is easy to read and a good book to take on holiday.

It is written in the first person. You view the events through the eyes of the two main characters, Tom and Celia. The only downside is that if go back to the book after a break you need to read a sentence (or two) until you know who you are and get back into the story again.

One is an angel and the other is part light side and part dark side. The dark side try to get Celia to go completely over to them whilst she is developing her relationship with Tom, who is in trouble for romancing someone who is half dark side. Celia also has human friends and she tries to hide the supernatural events which occur.

A light enjoyable read.

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