Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's dance

If you have seen me on Twitter recently, you will know that I've caught the dancing bug -- once again. I simply love to dance and I love watching dance movies. I grew up with Footloose, Flashdance and Dirty Dancing, I guess that makes me officially old, but you're never too old to dance.

It started last year, the yearn to watch such movies, probably because I miss dancing. A few years ago, when I went clubbing, the first thing I did was heading for the dance floor and stayed there. If you wanted to see me, you only had to supply me with wine or beer regularly. We were a group of friends, all working in hospitality and since the clubs in Germany are open till 5, 6 or even up to 11am, we danced the night and morning away. Yes, I was a real party girl, always out, never home, having fun. We danced Dirty Dancing style, rocked to Rammstein and I had a particular friend, who was a very good partner for me when it came to putting on a bit of a show. The dance floor was ours. (Hayiati, thank you for the great times.)

In good memory of those often hilarious nights, I've listed a few of my favourite dance movies:

Dirty Dancing (the original. Just watched it recently again. I'm not one of those who watched it hundred times and I was surprised how much I liked it again. I loved Swayze anyway. Great actor, great dancer. The remake didn't really touch me.)

Footloose (the original, as nothing beats Kevin Bacon and his great angry dance.)
Footloose 2011, I simply love Kenny Warmald, he's a great talent, I find.)

Centre Stage, Turn it up (again Kenny Warmald and a wonderful charismatic dancer, Rachele Brooke Smith.)

Centre Stage 2000 (brilliant movie, great scenes, you'll rock in your seat.)

Save the last dance (mergin ballet and romance. Get your tissues ready, ladies.)

Flashdance (doesn't need explanation. It's a must for everyone who loves dance movies.)

Fame (the original)
Fame 2009 (I find it's a great remake. Very emotional.)

And of course, one of my favourite movies:

Mao's Last Dancer (Based on an autobiographie of Li Cunxin. A Chinese trained Ballet dancer. It's simply beautiful to watch.)

I watched many more, but they weren't really worth mentioning. Only those that actually left an impression made it to the list.

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