Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you, everyone

10,000 visitors

When I started out two years ago, I wasn't really sure about blogging. A public diary? No way. Who is going to read that? I wondered. And what should I talk about?
Everyone said as an author you need a blog. Right. I signed up, spent ages to fiddle with the layout and a few shaky posts later, I was a blogger.
Same as in real life, I never shut up once given the opportunity and as soon as I found my blogging voice, I merrily posted whenever I felt to.
A lot of my visitors come through search engines, searching for information about iguanas, for recipes -- oddly enough the Feta cheese and tomatoes are the hit -- and, of course, the advice on writing and editing. Many come back and more and more take part in discussions about some of the controversial topics I write about.
Thankfully, it has always been at a reasonable level. There was never an incident where I had to interfere or delete someone's comment. It seems I'm attracting the good people and I'm rather proud of it.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who regularly pops by. And those who just recently came to leave a comment. Hopefully, you'll be still there when I'm celebrating reaching 20k.

Thank you, guys. You are wonderful.

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