Thursday, February 16, 2012

When the reader smiles

Then the author has done a good job. I've just been surprised with a new review for my short story collection and I thought I'd share it with you:

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of observational essays by Stella Deleuze. They are written from the perspective of a jaded and frequently annoyed woman who encounters numerous situations in life that frustrate her - think of grumpy old women and multiply it by 100.

As a grumpy old woman myself I completely empathised with many of her chapters. In fact, I could have written the chapter on wasps myself - everything she did was almost a mirror copy of things I have done. There have been many times over the years, just like Stella, when I have had to shut myself out of a room just because an uninvited wasp has flown in through the window. To then have to stand staring at it enjoying my much wanted cup of coffee and slice of cake just leaves me feeling impotent and annoyed.

Her description of her night being 'rescued' by well meaning friends and being dragged away to a night club was so funny. That mean little side of me was also pleased when I read about what happened to 'Silly's' handbag!

I think this book will resonate with many female readers who will recognise their own annoyances and frustrations with life within many of the chapters. Yes, there is probably a lot of exaggeration in the events described but that is what makes it so funny. This book may appeal to some males but I doubt that it is going to be the kind of thing that many will enjoy. I can imagine that many men will find it hard to believe that women often have such bizarre thoughts and can get so annoyed with what they might consider trivia. For any men who intend to read this book - it isn't fiction; it honestly is what many of us females are hiding so well behind our gentle and calm smiles. Reading this might make you look at your missus in a whole new light!

This isn't an overly long book; I read it in under a day. However, what I liked about it was that each chapter is totally unrelated to the next one so it is a perfect book for picking up and reading one section at a time, perhaps for lunch or a coffee break.

This book definitely put a smile on my face and it won't be long before I look out for some more of Ms Deleuze's work.

Note from me D. Jones, did you know that you made me laugh? There might be a comedian hiding in yourself, you know? :-) Thank you for your kind words.

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