Sunday, February 19, 2012

Indies, where's your pride? A rant.

I recently saw an Indie author merrily plugging her books on Twitter and because I'm of a curious nature, I went to take a look at a few of them.
First things that jumped at me were the negative reviews all saying the same: badly edited, apart from the typos and errors, there were obviously plenty of inconsistencies, characters unexplained, etc. The readers said the story had much potential, but they were almost giving up on the book due to being unreadable.
Yes, you will receive negative review saying that readers don't like your book, the characters or the writing. Fine. That's down to taste, but if the reviews repeatedly refer to plot inconsistencies which make the book almost impossible to read, I wonder why the author hasn't fixed the problem in the six months the book has been published and instead carries on plugging as if there's not tomorrow.
I really don't get it.
Despite the obvious, that those issues should have been taken care of before publishing, I'm baffled that the author seems to have the same comments on a few of her other books. And she's not alone. There are plenty of other Indies who don't seem to care. I just recently read another novel with similar problems. The plot was far fetched, the characters had no common sense at all, which left me scratching my head; the opening had a wonderful strong voice, but about a third in it changed to something each teenager would have been capable to write and I can't help thinking that the author wasn't able to detach herself enough from the story. By the way, all of her books received more negative reviews than positive, also pointing out the plot and character development issues. I had read the sequel and some characters weren't explained to me. It was just assumed I knew what this creature was, but I didn't because I didn't read the first novel, so I was left in the dark. An example of sequel gone wrong. Apparently I had read the newest version, which still contained errors and the inconsistencies. Shocking, really.

My novel No Wings Attached contained quite a few errors and as soon as a reviewer complained about it, I reacted. The novel is fixed. But I wonder if those authors don't have any pride at all to leave their books in that state, especially with plot inconsistencies which lessen the reading experience considerably.

If readers are kind enough to point out those issues, please fix them, and if you can't fix them yourself, get in touch with an editor or someone who knows what they're doing. Stop plugging, start fixing!

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