Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something you definitely don't know about me...

is that one of my dreams is to learn how to dance the Quickstep. Although legend has it that I sang and danced before I could talk or walk, I never took dance lessons. I wanted to, but my parents didn't seem it was 'necessary' so I was denied to take them. Instead I accompanied my best friend to dance school and watched with fascination. Then again, most of the standard dances left me unfazed, but the Waltz (Vienna in particular) and the Quickstep made, and still do, my heart beat a tad faster. I love the elegance, the speed, the footwork. It's just so sophisticated. I once danced the Vienna Waltz with a very attractive, young Irish guy, a dance teacher living in London, and I know that, with a bit of training and the right leader, I would actually be able to dance almost anything. My colleagues and the remaining after hour guests sat with their jaw hanging, most probably no thanks to me, but to Daniel, who had me firmly in his arms. I just let him lead me.
One day, I know that I will go and find me a teacher who can show me the steps, maybe even for both of my favourite dances, and I'd love to fly over the dance floor with the same grace as the people in the video below. Might need to lose quite a few pounds until I fit into one of those beautiful dresses, but I have time. I'm particularly fond of the dresses with the feathery border as they swing with every move.

I'm normally not girly person, but even I have my secret girly moments :-)

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