Saturday, February 25, 2012

See you later

This is how it's in London today. Blue sky, sunshine and I'm off to the roof park. Since I sat in front of my laptop for the past two days, more or less unsuccessfully trying to create a decent plot for the Thriller, I think I need a break. So the weather is great, my bike's calling, the kilos grinning. A bit of exercise won't do any harm, right?
Need some food for the iguana and there's plenty of green stuff for him.
I'll take my Kindle to read a little and pop to the market to get some fruit and veg. The roof park isn't open for the public yet, meaning I'll probably have some wonderful peace up there, sitting in the sun.
Maybe I'll get some more ideas on how to carry on with the story. Here's what I wrote yesterday, Not much as you can see, but it's only the beginning of the scene. It'll become bloody, probably.

Natalie blinked and looked about, trying to orientate herself. She was alone in a small room. The only furniture � as far as she could tell � was the bed she was lying on. Its mattress was worn and the frame creaked and wobbled. She shivered under the far too thin cover. Where was she?
'Hello? Is there anyone there?'
A loud pang made her heart leap into her throat. She lay still and listened. It was silent again. Slowly, Natalie relaxed and sat up. Another thud. Howodd. Lookingattheceilingtofindoutwhatcausedthenoise,shesawnothing.Atleastnothingthatwouldhinttowhereitcamefrom.Sheswungherlegsovertheedgeandstood.Theroomseemed cleanwithafaintsmellofbleach.
'Whatthehell?'shesteppedclosertooneofthenakedwalls.Adirt-coveredlampofferedadimlight,enoughtosee,butnotenoughtoreadthefadingwordsscribbledallovertheplace.Shesquintedandtriedagain,tonoavail.How strange.
Another two thuds made her jump back.
'Hello?' she called out again.
Slowly, she took a step back. And another.
She shrieked when her calves touched the bed, her heart leaped into her throat.
'Hello? This isn't funny.' It came out half a whisper.
Thud, thud.
Natalie sat down and leant against the wall behind her, pulling the cover over her knees.
'Please, stop.'
Thud, thud, thud.
As if she were in a cardboard box with a bed, wearing earplugs while someone worked on a drum kit. That's how it felt. A dull droning that sent vibrations through her body. Uncomfortably buzzing in her head.
Thud, thud, thud, thud.
Squeezing her eyes shut, she breathed in and out to calm herself down. Nobody was going to hurt her, right? It's just noise; she'll be fine.
Thud, thud, thud, thud.
It came from above.
A door being slammed? Would someone come to rescue her? Or at least explain what is going on?
Pang, thud, pang, thud, thud.

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