Friday, February 24, 2012

I've made it! I think.

Above: tags I've used for No Wings Attached.

Right, I went to the homepage and typed my name into the search box. Brilliant, you might think. Well done, you. I must admit I'm rather proud of that, too. :-)
Okay, joke aside. I do that regularly to see what comes up. There should be four books:
  • Excuse me, where is the exit?
  • No Wings Attached
  • Candlelight Sinner
  • Words to Music (a charity anthology of short stories to which I have contributed)
But there was one book more, Love and the Game. I clicked on that one and didn't find any relation to either me or my books. When I scrolled a bit further down it says, Looking for "stella deleuze" Products? and found another two books I haven't heard of, nor do I know the authors.
Two books were actually tagged with No Wings Attached and also Stella Deleuze. I think I can take that as a compliment as both books are in the paranormal genre.
I have my novels tagged with Charmed, Cecilia Ahern and Bridget Jones, because they sort of compare to all three of them. But they are big names. Everyone knows them.
To see that someone has tagged a book with my name, makes me grow a bit taller, believe you me.

It shows that someone has enjoyed my story and also read the author's, trying to link between us. A nice gesture, I find. Though one has received rather negative reviews. I refuse to believe that someone's using my rare name, though it's possible. Even then, I see it as a massive compliment. I've made it! Thankfully, without groups of paparazzi camping outside my house, and, unfortunately, without the success showing in my bank account, but I'm sure, one day, I'll get there.

One must be optimistic, right?

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