Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey, next-door-neighbour, this is for you, and only for you!

Since three weeks I've been left in peace. Almost. My upstairs neighbours left and I must say, I really enjoyed the silence that moved in instead. Most of the days.

Now, as I said before I have this rather inconsiderate neighbour living next door. He will be quiet for a long while, I guess when he's sleeping or not at home, but on every other occasion he is willing to do anything he can to prove he exists.
I noticed that is somehow stuck in the 80s and seems to have only three CDs: some mix of rock like Guns N' Roses

or a bit moe modern, Nickelback.

I'm forever done with this sort of music after having to listen to it every day. Same goes for Santana and Dido. As if this wasn't enough, his stereo only has got one volume: very loud.

If he's not listening to loud music, he sits in front of the telly all day and laughs like a machine gun. Very annoying. I don't know what could be so funny to watch all day, every day, but maybe the cannabis plants, or rather the end product might do the job, I wouldn't know.

Me, I'm sitting here, listening to my music on headphones, same goes when I watch movies or practice the piano. I'm sure he hears me, too once in a while when I'm on the phone or singing, so this might give him a little hint, that it works the other way round, too.

By the way: I've left him a note with the address of my blog. :-)

Neighbour, perhaps you might want to go for a beer one day, knock three times and maybe we find a way to talk this through over a pint or two.

I'll keep you updated.

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