Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll just stick my book on kindle...

...and then I'll be famous! If you really think that's how it works, let me get a few things straight here.

First off, as a new indie author, it's not as easy as you think. There are many readers out there, but there are also many writers. Once you have your work on kindle, you need to become familiar with networking. Best would be if you have a blog, facebook and twitter account and, if you like and have some extra time, with any other authors' websites. Networking means interacting with others, not slamming them your book around the face. It's certainly all right to promote your novel on fora, how else should readers find it? In the end of the day, you don't have a name yet, so nobody would bother to google author Henry Smith.

If you join a new community, look around first, don't jump in and plug your book on all fora, or post a link to it after every comment you make, that puts people off. I will freely admit that I've overdone it a bit in the beginning, because I wanted to get as much money together as possible for the charity. Luckily, people forgave me and even support (they still do) the good cause.
Also keep your conversations professional at any time. It doesn't mean you can't have a laugh, but don't get into arguments or into too personal matters. Remember: your author name is a brand you are presenting. If you ruin your reputation, you've done all the work for nothing. Marketing is hard work and time consuming. Each sale is the result of your efforts and the more time you spend on networking, the better the sales, given you have a product that is polished and marketable.You then can search for indie-friendly blogs that do reviews or interviews. I've got two interviews, one showcase and two reviews lined up.

In addition to that, I have now designed and ordered business cards for the book to be handed out. Here's how they will look like:

The lovely guy who has a stall at the local market is putting them into customer's bags when they buy their fruits from him. They will also go with the paperback the cafe will sell.
If you have friends who support you, ask them to spread the word. Not sell the book, but tell people about it, word of mouth has always been the most effective way to get a product known.

I must admit, that I went into this kindle-business as blind as a bat. According to others, I've done well, but that's down to the charity aspect. Mind you, I'm really anxious to see how my novel is going to turn out, it's the proof stripped bare. Is my writing/story good enough? I will see some time in May, I suppose.

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