Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fights anyone? Another sneak peek of No Wings Attached

As you know I'm editing my light paranormal romantic comedy. Here's a scene from Chapter Fifteen. I hope you enjoy it.

This is temporarily a mock cover

He takes me in his arms, holding me tightly. 'I love you,' he whispers.
'Oh what a heart breaking scene,' I hear a voice saying.
I crane my neck and scan the street. It's empty, apart from one man who slowly walks in the shadows of a broken lamp.
'Excuse me?' I ask.
He stops, turns around but doesn't come nearer.
'What did you just say?' I feel anger rising in me. These muggers are just everywhere.
Tom looks at me, startled and then his eyes move to the stranger.
'Celia, what's wrong? Nobody said anything.' Now, the man stares at Tom.
'That's interesting.' The voice again.
'Don't you think you're being extremely rude?' I ask the stranger.
Tom gazes at me, then at the man.
'What's going on here?' I can hear he's worried.
The man comes nearer, his dark eyes on Tom. I recognise him; it's the guy who passed us the other day, who I'd thought I knew from somewhere. He's about the same size as Tom, a slender but athletic figure, early thirties maybe.
'Celia, don't bother, we better go.' Tom tries to pull me with him, but I stop in my tracks. I now recognise the voice, he's been following me for a while, I need to know what this is about and put an end to it once and for all.
'What do you want?' I ask him.
He doesn't show any reaction, his eyes boring into Tom's. I stiffen in panic; my heart is racing. Tom pushes me behind him. The stranger stands a few feet away from us, hands relaxed to his sides, staring at us with a cold expression.
I step aside to see better what is happening. Now, he fixates me and I feel provoked.
'What? Do you want to fight for your boyfriend?'
I snort, barely able to contain my anger. Why me? Doesn't he realise I have a boyfriend? It was such a nice evening. This seriously can't be happening! Tom turns round to check that I'm safe. That's when the man thrusts his palm into our direction. Something, that looks like a blue and blurry flash is thrown at Tom. And before I can warn him he flies backwards and lands on the pavement with a thud. He winces and tries to get up, without success.
The stranger laughs watching him struggle.
'Tom! Are you all right? I scream. I don't know what to do, but I want to help.
Again, the man lets out a dark, nasty laugh. Furious, I turn to the guy who hasn't moved, now looking at me, challenging. I step towards him. He laughs louder
'Celia. No!' Tom shouts. 'Stay here. Don't go near him. He's dangerous.'
The stranger's eyes flicker to Tom, then back to me. I stand here, fury raging in me. Adrenalin takes over and I'm determined to let him pay back for what he just did.
'Oh how angry she is,' he says.
'You bet I am,' I growl.
'Celia! Stop this. Now! You will get hurt!' Tom shouts panic stricken.
I briefly look behind me, he's just scrambling to his feet, then I turn back.
'Leave it to me,' I say, my eyes on the stranger.
'Celia, please!'
I don't hear him anymore.

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