Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A different side to me

A while ago, I asked a question on a forum: how do you think about authors writing in different genres?
The answer was that readers are very open, which put my mind at ease; they would read a crime thriller and a romance by the same author, if that's both what they enjoy. If they like one book, they are inclined to try out the other one.

As soon as I began writing, I was perceived as a humorist. Though it's quite flattering, I am a bit worried people will begin to think of fun books when they hear my name.
Don't get me wrong, I do like writing humour and I certainly have laughed so hard while editing my short story collection that I had tears streaming down my face. No joke.

But I write other genres as well. My latest novel for instance hasn't got any comedy in it. It's rather serious and explores thoughts of two people, flashes back into their pasts and deals with issues and feelings, perhaps many people can relate to. I have classified this book as literary fiction with a twist. 
I also have some more novels in the planning that explore humans psyche. Why some of us interact with others and how their past influences them.

In Random Short Stories, you will find some stories with a different tone. One person saw Blindsided, a romance story, and asked me if she could showcase it on her blog since she really liked it. It's now to see on her blog called Ocean Blue Press.

Please pop over and say hello, and if you have short stories as well, why not get in touch with her?

If you find many mistakes in this post, please forgive me, I'm so tired, I can't even think straight, let alone type ;-)

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