Saturday, April 9, 2011

Come a bit closer, I'd like to tell you a secret


I'm an barbecue-addict! Yes! As soon as the first sun comes out in March/April, I will get out my electric BBQ and buy heaps of meat and vegetables. I will barbecue every single day, throughout the summer. It's that bad, really. My friends usually grin about this habit, but I just love the simplicity of cooking your meat this way. Well, to an Australian, it might be normal, but since I'm from a country that has cold winters with snow, I am only able to do it properly in the warmer months.

I'm from Germany where big BBQ-gatherings are the norm in the summer. Which means, everyone invited provides something to add to the party. Either a salad, and we have lots of varieties, Turkish bread of French Sticks, sauces (tzaziki), vegetable kebabs, etc. The supermarkets are full of marinated meat, there are at least ten different marinades and they all are more than gorgeous, gee, just writing about it makes my mouth water. Everyone brings their own meat; sauces and beer/wine is usually the host's responsibility.

If you would like to give a little twist to your barbecue this summer, why not try to make a cucumber salad and tzaziki sauce? It's easy:

Tzaziki: Pour quark or greek yoghurt into a bowl, peel a cucumber and grate and add it. Press one to three cloves of garlic into the mixture, season with salt and pepper, then mix everything and put it into the fridge. Tip: this sauce tastes much better the next day. Best with meat or Turkish (toasted) bread.

Cucumber salad: Peel the cucumber, slice it thinly into a bowl, chop charlottes finely and add. Season with Salt, pepper and sugar (fruitsugar works best), add the juice of half a lemon, good quality olive oil and let it rest.

Try it out and surprise your friends. By the way, the thin Chippola sausages and thick leek sausages are wonderful if grilled.

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