Thursday, April 7, 2011

154 and more support by one of my local caf�s!

Even my big boy was curious

I've been in high spirits today: Excuse me, where is the exit? sold 145 copies when I left the house to bring one of the paperbacks to a friend of mine who repeatedly asked for it.
On my way back, I popped into a local caf� to buy a fresh rye bread, when some sort of genius hit me as I was about to mount my bike.

I went back into the shop and asked if they would help the good cause by selling by book. The lovely girl behind the counter called for the manager Alex, who came to see what I wanted. We had a really nice chat and I proposed to leave some copies in the shop, which he could sell. He was immediately excited by the idea of helping in this way. Not only Japan, but also a local author, even asked me sign the copy which I left with him for further discussions with his business partner. He also declined my suggestion to pay him for his kindness. He said, 'I don't want your money, I'm just happy to help.'
Wow! I was somewhat gobsmacked. Just in this moment I'm writing this I have my tears welling up. I'm amazed, I'm humbled, I'm genuinly teary because of all the support. And it might sound a bit soppy, but I don't really care. The readers on the amazon/kindle forum, facebook, everyone, basically are more than wonderful and help spreading the word.

When I came back, I heard that another quake has hit Japan. I've got three people I care for personally and they are always the first I think of, let alone the rest of the poor people who have been through enough already. My heart is with those who lost everything in the past quake/tsunami and with all those who unfortunately have to re-live the fears of yet another one.

I hope it will be the last in a very long time.

Thank you again, all of you who help.



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