Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sneak peek on a later chapter of No Wings Attached:

My next book No Wings Attached, a paranormal romantic comedy will be out end of next month/beginning of June. It's my first novel which originally started out as a complete different book and I have no idea how I ended up with this story, but while I'm editing, I'm with my characters again, I laugh, I cry, I feel my heart swell up and live through them. This shows me I've done the right thing when I tore up my first chapter after my friend ripped it to pieces.

Here's an excerpt of chapter eleven, a romantic picnic scene: (Please keep in mind that it's going to be proof read to sort out my Germish.) But I would love to know what you think. Enjoy:

'If this is my punishment I'll never behave again,' I manage to breathe out. He chuckles, twisting his hands into my hair and pressing his mouth to mine with a bit more force than I expected. A groan comes from deep inside of me � I'm filled with eagerness to kiss him back. Tangled into each other's arms, we're forgetting the world around us. After an immeasurable amount of time, he pulls away, lightly kissing my cheekbone, then drifting to my collarbone. He takes my hand in his and kisses my wrist. 'You're beautiful, Celia, do you know that?'
I shake my head, not being able to answer. I'm so dizzy that I actually have the feeling I'm hovering. He smiles and kisses me again. I wrap my arms around his neck as we lie side by side now. When we stop kissing I roll onto my back breathing deeply in and out. My head is spinning. I close my eyes. Is this really happening? There is a strong possibility that I'm simply dreaming. Tom puts his head on my chest as if he's listening to my heart. I stroke his hair, enjoying the closeness to each other. He starts humming again. I feel the tone running through my body and smile.
'This is so perfect,' I whisper.
He stops. 'Yes, everything is perfect,' he replies.
Then he continues humming. Lost in thoughts, I let my fingers trail his face, ears and run them through his hair. Everything is great today. This place, the man, the food, the spirit, and my feelings for him. When I'm with him, I forget all my worries about my life. He makes me feel loved. Now he starts another melody. It's his favourite song, Nefeli. I listen silently with eyes closed continuing to stroke him.
Then he goes quiet.
'How did you find this place here?' I ask.
'I was driving around one day. Needed to think about something and wanted to go for a walk. I wanted to turn the car and discovered this little way into the woods where I parked earlier.'
'By accident?' I ask. 'Wow that's a coincident.'
'Yes, I got out, saw this path and was curious, so I followed it and was stunned when I came out here.'
'I can imagine. It's overwhelming when you step out of the woods.'
'It is indeed. I spent a whole afternoon and half of the night here,' he says.
'I'll bet it's even more beautiful on a clear, warm night, when you're able to watch the stars.' I look up to the sky.
'We can do this one night if you'd like, but let's wait until it gets get warmer. Or we'll have to take massive blankets with us.' He chuckles.
'Yes, in the summer would be a better time. I hate to freeze.'
We go quiet again. He's holding my hand in his again, kissing it gently.
It tickles and comfortably envelops my heart.
Suddenly, he laughs, because my tummy is shouting for some food.
'Looks like somebody is hungry.' He grins, sitting up. 'Shall we eat the fruit.'
'Yes, the strawberries look delicious.' I pop one into my mouth thinking about how wonderful this day is. I take another one, being miles away. A low groan brings me back.
'What?' I'm bewildered.
'Are you trying to seduce me?'
I look at him, stunned. Then I see what he means and push the whole fruit into my mouth and swallow. Just in time as his lips are on mine again. I laugh lightly and kiss him back. He tastes like basil and his soft and warm lips feel so familiar, kissing him is like heaven. His arms are holding me close to him. I feel his hands on my back, stroking up and down. His mouth moves to my neck and gently kisses the arch of it. Shivers are running through me. I bury my head in his hair and breathe in deeply. He smells so sweet. I love being with him so much.
He pauses to look at me and starts tracing my face with his fingertips, following the line of my jaw, my nose and the contours of my lips. Another never ending kiss and I have to pull away, because I'm seriously in danger of losing control.

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