Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating 500 and an award!

It's been almost two months since I released my humorous short stories Excuse me, where is the exit? and I worked tirelessly to promote and market it. The hours and effort I put into it, paid off:
I'm chuffed. Not only did I sell my 500th book today, I also edited Chapter Seventeen of No Wings Attached, which means there's only one chapter left and it goes into the proof-reading round. It went a strict diet along the way and lost 40k to be precise. I finished the first draft at 120k and that was quite a heavyweight. Can't wait to have it out there, to see how my baby is doing.

To round up what already was a wonderful day, I had a visitor, the lovely Lor Mandela, to my blog who left a nice surprise:

I never win something and it is a wonderful award, being called versatile by someone else than myself. Please pop by on her blog and say hello. You'll also learn about this tradition, which I fully intent to continue, so perhaps it's your blog that receives a surprising gift from me soon?

A brilliant and happy weekend to you, my visitors and readers. You are fantastic. Thank you.

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