Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Rapture and no picnic either, what a disappointment

I did expect the the former won't happen, but the picnic? No, that was something I looked forward to. My friend Elin, who used to live in London and is now back in Sweden came over for the weekend, so, of course I wanted to see her.

Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath

Planning is crucial for me, the route, that is, because I have no sense of direction at all. Drop me anywhere in London and I'll never find my way back home. Horrible, but at least you can be sure I bump into someone I know, always happens. So I took my cycling guide and planned the route, which roads to go and where to turn, wrote it all down, for me, silly Stella, meticulously, nothing can go wrong. Or so I thought.

Today, I made my way to Finsbury Park and was supposed to cycle along Seven Sisters Rd. If only I knew which one it is. I was sure it was the one behind the station, five minutes later, I learned it wasn't. Typical, I turned left, because it must lead, roughly, to Holloway Rd. which it didn't. It did, however, lead to Seven Sisters Rd, where I originally wanted to go, but I couldn't turn right, one way. Bugger! What now? I managed to find the right way, finally turned into Holloway Rd. and learned it's not only very long, but also goes mostly uphill and it didn't stop there. Up to Hampstead Heath, it's basically uphill all along.

 Uphill in Archway

Panting, sweating and deep red in my face, I stopped at Archway, looking uphill and decided to turn around, do some grocery shopping, then start with my sequel. There, at least I could enjoy the downhill ride and arrived safe and sound at home after an hour's exercise. Shame, though I didn't get to meet my friend.

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