Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm not a fearless indie author

I'm a bit scared, I must admit. By end of this month, my first novel, my baby, will be released and I don't know what is going to happen. I've put a lot of work into it, loved it, hated it, loved it again and now, I'm working on the final touches. I need to make some decisions regarding the cover, perhaps do some alterations to the blurb. I do believe in this book, very much, so do others, but is it enough?

The proof is in the pudding as the British say, so I'll have to patiently wait how my baby is going to do. And I need to write the sequel. Something I always advise, is to do the plotting first. Now, I've tried, but it didn't work out very well. Think I'm not such a plotter after all.

I wrote the first book having a vague storyline in my head, no big plotting from start to finish, in fact, I let the characters take over and it worked perfectly fine. I fear I'll have to do the same with the sequel. I know roughly what I want to happen, but that's about it. A pretty scary thought, to dive into writing without knowing where it will end, keeping in mind what happened in the first book and laying the foundation for the third.

And the pressure is on. Since I will have the first book out, I need to write a second book as soon as possible, best would be to write the third right after that. I always said I'm going to write the sequel when I've sold the first book (to a publisher), well, it might sound weird and lazy because if I was a real writer, I would have written the book anyway, but then I thought I've written the first book in 2.5 months, I can do it again. With beginning of June, I'll be busy writing, I suppose and I'm looking forward to it.

Unless my book doesn't sell, then, well, then I think I'll just go ahead editing with the latest novel. And it's not that I have run out of ideas.

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