Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First donation made for Japan Tsunami Relief

Hello, everyone

As promised, I'm making this open. I've sold 116 books in March and received �35 for it. Amazon only paid for the UK sales (100) as there's a limit of �10 in order to send out a cheque. I believe I'll get one next month.

My chosen charities are British Red Cross where you donate directly for the cause. I've put �5 on top so each charity gets �20. I have ticked the gift aid button and will now have to find out what it is for haha.


I've also donated �20 to Doctors Without Borders and ticked the mental health issues box. I find this is something very important. Unfortunately, it's not possible to instruct you want it to be donated to Japan, but they're doing a fab job and I'm sure they're using the money wisely.

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I'll do another donation next month, and in July another one. Thank you everyone who made this happen. You guys rock! Seriously.

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