Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kindle vs. paperback: my experience

Hi, all

As I'm waiting for my proof-copy of Excuse me, where is the exit?, I thought I'd give an overview of my experience.

Kindle: formatting is a bit of a fiddle-job, but there are some really useful threads on authonomy who helped me a great deal. Uploading is simple, the publishing process has got some terms I didn't understand, but are explained. All in all, quite a simple process. The customer support is amazing. You can upload your book today and can earn money tomorrow, though they say it takes up to three days. I'm happy with kindle. 

Paperback: I went with Lulu based on recommendation. The formatting issue is a bit of a pain, but I managed with the help of friends. They offer different sizes, but non of them really appealed to me. So I went with a size that is popular (6x9) to keep the costs down.

Now, they have the option 'global reach', which means you get an ISBN number and pay something in the region of � 48 or $60 to get your book on amazon and other outlets. I've decided against it, because I don't earn anything from this book. All proceeds go to Japan.

So I didn't pay anything in advance. Customers now have to order through Lulu's page and here's the big deal: the delivery costs are high. I've ordered five (thin) copies and the shipping cost is �6.99 which I feel is outrageous.
To me it seems Lulu or createspace (even bigger delivery costs at about �14) only are worth going with if you take the big package of global reach. 

Lulu price is �5.99 + shipping. If you'd like to purchase a paperback please contact me, I will not accept that people have to pay such a high price for shipping. My e-mail is shown on the right.)
You'll even get it signed by me. :-)

Maybe you have made some different experiences, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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