Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show me the way to SAA (scented addicted anonymous).

For those who know me, know that I'm not that girlie. Most of the time, I go out without any make-up at all, I also hate shopping unless I'm in a DIY-store. I don't collect shoes or handbags and I don't care what the latest trend is. But...
I love my body creams and butters, scented soaps and shampoos.

This is just a part of my shampoo/conditioner 'collection'. I literally go crazy over Lush, The Body Shop, and a shop nearby, which sells all sort of creams, butters and hair products. I'm that mad, I actually try to have a fruity soap, together with the shampoo and then a body butter, oil, or even mist. It ranges from raspberry, plum, apple, pomegranate and, of course, my favourite: chocolate in the form of cocoa butter.

Part of my soap, bubble-bath, body butter, oil and mist collection. 

So yesterday, I went into this store next to the market where I buy my vegetables and fruit, and bought an everyday body cream and a huge tub almond-scented massage cream. Can't wait to try it.

Though, I've run out of honey, coconut and fruit soap. That means I need to pay Lush a visit. Even if they are against keeping reptiles in captivity, I know I know. With those products, it's a lot more fun to look after your skin. And you always smell deliciously, almost edible.

Try it out and soon, you might be as addicted as I am.

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