Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attention, lovers of short stories and flash fiction!

Recently, I got in touch with Mark Turner, who is the editor and one of the partners of a new magazine called voluted tales.
The best part is, not only are they really friendly and supportive, but you can get your name out there and be paid. They are fairly new, but growing fast.
I asked him what their goals are, and what kind of stories/genres they are looking for. Here is the answer:
Ideally, the objective is six distinct editions, General (mixture of everything), Themes (different theme each issue), Serials (to serialise longer works that might no otherwise get published), Young Adult (mixture, older teens-twenty-somethings), Paranormal Romance (no porn, focussed on the Paranormal elements, rather than all the 'sof porn/romance that just happens to include a vampire' type of stuff abounding, trying to be different, and Noir/Thrillers, some of which are close to 'Horror' in many ways, but mainly coz they offer interesting 'twists' to stories, mysteries, etc.
So, monthly for the General edition, and the others as the material and finances allow. They'll be on as many online outlets for ebooks and e-magazines as we can get, priced somewhere around $2.95.

You can find here a free copy to download. Pop by, send your submissions and spread the word about a fine new magazine that will hopefully conquer the world.

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