Saturday, March 12, 2011

Warm up your kindles! My book's out! All proceeds go to Japan.


Sales have risen to 82 so far; keep them coming. Please help to get enough together to make a difference. I've now decided to donate all proceeds to the BritishRedCross and Doctors without Borders.


I plan to raise money to donate to the people who have lost everything in Japan.I've set a low price so that as many people as possible can afford to buy it. All profits go to charity.

Excuse me, where is the exit? is now available to download from amazon UK  at �1.14 and amazon US at $0.99. You can read some excerpts of the book if you click on the link, there above, under my name on the top of the page.

Review from a reader:  I've just finished reading this. It's a collection of light hearted short stories written from a woman's point of view. I recognised myself in some of them! Obviously I enjoyed some more than others - my personal favourites are Cycling, Housework, Wasps and Hairdresser. Some of these had me laughing out loud!

I hope you enjoy it. Leave me feedback and recommend it to anyone who can't run fast enough.

Please help. It's not only an entertaining read, but it's for a good cause, too.

I'm working on making the book available via POD, for those who prefer a paperback.

If you'd like to have a signed copy, please contact me via e-mail. You can find the address to the right.



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