Monday, January 3, 2011

Did I start the year with a bang!

In actual fact, I began my new year writing. Yes, that's right: writing. Since I have been on antibiotics for over a week, I thought I could use this time to hit my target and I did. At 21.57pm on New Year's Eve, I walked over the 56k line, laughing. The very good news is, that I'm only about 16k away from finishing this wonderful book. I plan to have it done by end of January.

Then, after a short break, I launched into my newest short story, a rant about couples. You want to see a little excerpt? Sure, here it is:

In hectic, you grab your shopping bag, head down the stairs, open the door and collide with something that stands firmly where a hole should be. A little bewildered, you stare at the couple who stare at back with the same expression.
'Sorry,' you mutter under your breath and squeeze yourself past them. Not that they would move, it's one against two bodies, so you pull the short straw. Doesn't matter that it is your entry they block or not. And it is not even sheltered, so god knows why they choose it.
At the supermarket, you fetch a basket and begin your way around the shelves. It's packed today and you have to manoeuvre around children, elderly people and those who act like tanks: stopping to change directions unpredictably.
Not to forget the couples in love. They come to a halt, not to look around or discuss, or point at something, no, they just stop to snog. As if the supermarket was the most romantic place to do that. 'Show offs,' you mumble.
Their trolley is filled with three things: a bottle of wine, a baguette and some cheese. Because, if you are freshly in love, you can live of that feeling only, right? But why would they take a trolley that blocks your way, then?
If the shop wouldn't close, they'd probably still be in here tomorrow, stopping every five meters to engage in another long snog. They loose all sense of time and the read world. You curse inwardly, then take the right direction to the check out. The next disaster ahead.
Ugh! While queuing, you unintentionally went into some kind of trance, only to be woken out of it by this guy slapping the wobbly arse of his missus. Could do with some cycling, you think, then turn your head away to avoid getting sick. 

I wish everyone a great and successful year. Health, happiness and the most important: love.

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