Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forget public transport, get some exercise!

Yes, I'm talking about walking or cycling. Not only saves it a lot of money, it's also good to get rid of some calories and it keeps you fit. It's brilliant when the weather is nice, too. Nobody can tell me that he or she enjoys being squashed into someone's stinking armpit after work or is keen on the smoker's breath just when they jumped onto the bus and exhale into your direction. Of course, not everybody has the chance to walk or cycle to work, but even those who have are too lazy doing it. Usually, you are even faster then public transport.
We are a nation of overweight people and everyone can do a little bit. Eating healthier and do at least some exercise.

Okay, if you really have to use public transport then look out for this book:

It's on sale soon. Stop by the facebook page for more information Words to Music. An anthology.

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