Monday, January 24, 2011

Same iguana in the sock; new title

Yes, I've decided to go for a new title. It came to me literally as a surprise. As all my titles. No Wings Attached was 'Do wishes come true?' first. Boring, I know. I love playing with book titles, as they are very important when it comes to selling your novel. It's something that grabs me first, then the cover, after that, I'll read the blurb on the book jacket and if that interests me, I might even skip the first sample pages and just buy it.

I'm planning to get this book out soon. Far too long did it sit in a drawer, rotting away. Three more stories and some proof-reading, then I'll test the public waters. It's really exciting to see how the reaction of potential buyers will be. Unfortunately, it's so difficult to get collections of short stories signed by a publisher, unless you are a well-known funny celebrity. Well, I've been told that I'm funny and apparently, I'm a celebrity in the area I live in, but will this be enough to convince a publisher? I doubt that.

Do you like a laugh? Then go to the tab above, where it says 'Excuse me, where is the exit?' I've some teaser-stories for you. If this is what you would buy, watch this space... There'll be eighteen comical stories in total.

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