Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting rid of the flab

No, don't worry, I''m not starting on size zero is a must and all the propaganda which is told in women's magazines. Despite the fact, that I don't read them, I actually think that dieting is the worst thing you can do to your body.
I've always been a girl who supports healthy and controlled eating. Well, it got a bit out of control over the past few month, I will admit this. Writing can not only be time consuming, but also pretty nerve wracking. Did you know that even brain activity uses up calories?
When I'm writing, I tend to go through huge piles of chocolate and sweets, this results in not so gorgeous love handles. Paired with sitting in front of the laptop all day (I work from home, too) instead of exercising, you pretty quickly end up with a few more pounds than you bargained for.
But I'm a smart woman and decided to no longer let sweets rule my life. I changed to fruits instead. Pineapple, apples, melon, plums, bananas and what else I can get my hands on are now sitting next to me. All neatly chopped and with the juice of a clementine drizzled over it. Refreshing, healthy and does a lot for my calorie-intake.
And I cycle again. Using the opportunity to visit my friend who is 'trapped' at home after surgery. Then to the market to stock up my fruit supply and anywhere I need to go. I used to cycle every day and I will go back there.
Fighting the flab, the healthy way.

Let's see how it works, I'll keep you updated.

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