Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oi! Come back here!

This is basically directed at my muse. I've only about 9k left to finish my novel, but writing drags. It's almost like I fear to come to an end. I has been a personal road so far and I really really enjoyed writing it, but the last bit is a chore. Especially on days when I'm tired.

Weird, for I've written the end-scene ages ago and I'm not going to change it. It's beautiful.

When I started with this manuscript, I never thought I'll reach the 40k-mark, today, I'm at 71k and looking back, it wasn't that hard to reach. I wondered if a novel without names, in second person and character driven would work. According to my beta readers, it does. And that very well.

If only my muse would come and sit next to me, an encouraging smile on the face, softly nudging me so I would be able to complete the novel... Oh that would be much appreciated.

Tonight, I'll write a few lines, perhaps, then make a hot chocolate and watch a movie. Maybe my muse will appear out of nowhere tomorrow. Here's hope.

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