Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thai stir fry and an iguana's joy

I had a guest for dinner yesterday. My friend and I usually take turns in cooking and it was mine. I did my version of a Thai stir fry, since it's quick and easy, healthy and rather delicious. Find the recipe below. We had a good chat about my books and his plans to go to Chile. He plans to stay there, teaching on a voluntary basis for six months. It's a win-win situation: the kids get to learn English and he can improve his Spanish. I'm grinning a little, since I know that the accent will differ from the Castilliano he has learned and is used to. In Chile, they pronounce words differently. I know that because I took private lessons by a person who lived in Chile for 25 years. Yes, I do speak Spanish, a bit rusty at the moment, but I adapt quickly.

And it's not the only thing he needs to get used to. The food is another one, hence the slightly hotter stir fry I cooked yesterday. He told me he doesn't like chili, but I sneaked some in and he loved it. A good start, no?

So here the recipe for you:

Meat of your choice, thinly sliced, or prawns
Spring onions chopped, inch long
Yellow and red peppers thinly sliced
baby corn
green beans or mangetouts
Garlic to your taste
chili to your own taste, I use the red medium one

Heat the wok with a little oil, throw in the meat and stir for a minute, then throw in the vegetables and chili, stir for another 15 seconds, then add the garlic, make sure it doesn't burn since it gets bitter.

Add half a glass of white wine, then a few dashes of soy sauce and some drops of fish sauce. Add a little bit of salt. Pepper is not needed since you have the chili. Stir for another minute on low heat and serve with rice or thin egg noddles. If you like it, sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds over it.


Here's another man who enjoyed his food tonight:

Spring greens with grated butternut squash, a few pieces of pineapple...Unfortunately, I started filming when he was almost done...

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