Thursday, December 30, 2010

End-of-the-year musings

I usually don't reflect on the year that has passed, but this year, I feel I need to do it. Much has happened, good things and not so good things. Overall, it was an okay year which certainly can be topped 2011.

What I'm really glad about is, that I met so many lovely author friends I keep in touch with regularly. Some, I met again, some I met for the first time.
I have sort of, finished my collection of comical short stories, that seem to have found a home, I have started a new novel, which will be finished 1st of March 2011 the latest. That is my deadline and I've learned that I stick to them usually. Well, then it needs to go through the editing-process, but I will love it, since I really love this book.

My editing-business received wonderful comments and I'm really proud to have such loyal clients who don't get tired to recommend me.

One of my close friends left me, going back to Spain, but he is blossoming there and it was the best thing he could ever do, so I'm happy for him.

Zorro has been a nightmare, but has calmed down a lot. From hopeless case to adorable again. Though I still have to watch my hands, fingers and face when dealing with him. He's also survived two GA when he had surgery, but he is healthy, big and strong and has grown and put on a lot of weight, too.

I began with piano lessons in April and was told I'm learning extremely quick and am talented, that's a formidable compliment, I think. Unfortunately, I had to put the lessons on ice for several reasons, but I will go ahead with them next year, when I have found a new teacher. I'd rather keep my old one, but she had to give her piano away. Shame, really.

Other plans for next year include to co-author a book with a dear friend, then begin with the next book that has been screaming about in my head for quite some time now. Again, literary fiction. I have the title already. Brilliant, huh?

I hope you will get into the new year safely. See you there.



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