Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Markets

I love them. I admit. Nothing better than standing in the cold, wrapped up in several layers, holding a glass of mulled wine. Well, actually sipping it would be more appropriate.
There you are, huddled up with strangers and friends, everyone with one goal: warm their insides.

The Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt in North Germany is one of the most gorgeous ones and trust me, I've been to many over the decades. It's not too big, not too nick-knacky and it has a good mixture of everything, from food to decoration and loads of craft on offer, wood, china, knitting, glass, you name it.
I personally am quite partial to some Bratwurst in a bun with loads of mustard or some deep fried Brussels sprouts with garlic sauce. After that, it's time for the mulled wine with either, Amaretto, Peach or Cointreau in it. That warms the cockles, you have to trust me here.

To fight the growing hunger, or better: appetite, you need some Schmalzkuchen. It is some sort of little doughnuts, deep fried, decorated with loads if icing sugar and then eaten while hot.

So if you wonder what I've been doing for the past two you know. Oh and don't you dare to think I'm into Christmas. No, I'm not and here's the proof:

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