Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who needs presents if you have friends?

Some of you might know that I loathe Christmas. I just can't stand all the fuss that people make, the commercial side to it and the constant moaning.
What I don't understand is, why almost everyone gets so stressed out when all they need to do is sit together with their loved ones and yes, I mean it this way and spend a great few days together. When I watch the hectic ones, trying to gather all presents for members of the family they will argue with like every year, I wonder if they have forgotten what Christmas is all about.

Peace and quietness, love and happiness. But why does it have to be reduced to these days? I do have 365 days per year to tell my friends that I love them. And I do tell them, often. And I do have 365 days per year to give them a little something, something that comes from the heart, something I think is perfect for them.

I got something very special the other day. My friend, who's bought a house with her partner, and I spoke about Zorro. And everybody knows how much I love this little bugger, biting machine or not. He's my everything and I would do everything for him. So I asked her if, in case something happens to me, she would take him and look after him until he dies and she said yes. Even if I would get another one, she would look after them.
Now that's a real present to me. Friends, I mean. She has been a really good friend for almost a decade now, but this was one of the grandest present she could have made me.
I always said: I don't want any presents for my birthdays or other occasions, I've got my friends and they're the best, no need for anything else.

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