Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thumbs up for No Wings Attached

Many authors snap at reviewers if they get less favourable marks. Of course it hurts when your baby gets attacked, but it's just something you have to take on the chin. You can't please everybody and there will always be people who don't understand your book, don't like your book, are bored by it or else.
And there's the other side: people who just love it, feel touched by it, like it a lot apart from small things, etc. Readers have expectations and when they aren't met, they will articulate their opinion and they have every right to do so. Authors should just keep it shut and not argue. If they receive more negative reviews than positive, they should stop fighting back and knuckle down on honing their skills.

A kind woman -- a book worm -- is starting out as a reviewer and has just posted an assessment about No Wings Attached on Amazon and Goodreads. She was really worried about my reaction and was relieved when I told her I thought it's a lovely review. I told her not to worry about what authors think, it's for potential buyers and I'm sure her review will help a lot of customer with their decision. Those who don't like paranormal, will be more inclined to download it, for instance. But see yourself:

The story is about a 32 year old woman called Celia and an angel wish consultant called Tom. Tom has lost his angel powers from failing his last case and has been promised that he will get his powers back if he manages to successfully make Celia happy. While he is on his mission to make her happy both Tom and Celia fall for each other. Despite knowing that he could never stay with her he can't walk away from her either.
This was a good book. It was a challenge reading it though because I am a big paranormal reader and tend to read chick lit books to break up the paranormals and have a change, so to have them both in one book was a bit strange and it sort of worked for me. It is written in first person but it switches point of view between Celia and Tom. This was a bit strange and took some getting used to at the start but once I did get used to it, it was kind of fun getting both peoples points of view on the same event in the story. Also where you got both peoples points of view I felt you got to know both characters equally well because you spent time in both of their heads if that makes sense!
I loved the characters in the book. They are likeable and easy to relate to and quite quickly I felt invested into their story. I didn't like Celia to begin with and couldn't work out why she warranted help. As the book went on she redeemed herself and proved herself a worthy heroine! I loved Tom and being an angel he was the perfect man.
There was one aspect of this book that left me wanting more and feeling a bit puzzled at the end. As a big paranormal reader I am used to lots of world building and explaining of how these powers came about etc. I felt that this part of the story could have been developed a bit more and a bit more depth added to the story line.
I really enjoyed this book and it made me read something out of the ordinary for me, combining 2 genres that I enjoy reading in to one book! I would recommend this book to anyone who reads chick-lit and doesn't mind a bit of paranormal in it or someone starting to read paranormal books.
I look forward to reading more by this author!

Thank you, Tracy.

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