Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Size does matter!

Yep, I like it big. When it comes to mugs, that is. On my way to buy several items to stock up my first aid kit -- needed, but more about that later -- I went into the discount shop around the corner. Major error! Especially after I had succeeded to ditch a straight red cup at Tesco, though only 57p and perfect for the garden. (Nothing better than arriving and before moving one finger having a cuppa, right?) I'm a tea addict, love it at any time of the day and I drink plenty, too.
So, successfully leaving Tesco with band aids and scissors, I went to get a massive blue roll to clean the vivarium. That's when I stumbled over this wonderfully shaped, big black and white mug. It's not the most brilliant design, but the shape made me buy it. �1.50, by the way. As soon as I came home, I cleaned it and am now having a Lady Grey with milk and sugar as I type this post. If you could see my smile... I think I'm in love.
Maybe I'm a little bit weird, but honestly, I have a mug for every drink: the beige one and the newest addition for black tea, the red one only for fruit tea, and the blue one for coffee/hot or cold chocolate. And so you understand the measurements: they all have the capacity (roughly) of a pint!

And I needed a tea. Earlier today, my not so much fire spitting dragon jumped forward to bite me. Unlucky for me, the wall of his house was in my way and I couldn't withdraw my hand quick enough, so his teeth got caught in my flesh. First I thought he'd only scratched my thumb, then I saw that I also bled from a cut over the knuckle of my index finger. Well, I'm used to this sort of injuries and fortunately, it wasn't too deep or long (approx. 1cm). Was able to stop the bleeding shortly after and pulled  the skin on my hand together with two little band aids, so it didn't gape and let any germs in. On top I fixed a pressure bandage to still the bleeding. That's basically what they do in hospitals, too, instead of stitching. Very handy those mini band aids. But please, children, don't do this at home. I know when it's necessary to go to the A&E. Today's bite was something I could handle easily myself.
To the right you see a well chuffed iguana and a slightly battered hand. ----->

Let me tell you, had I gone to the garden instead I would've had another sun burn, but that would have healed quicker than this bite. :-) Then again, he's in mating season already and I am rather happy he's not as wild as he was last year. If he stays 'calm' like this for the next five months, I'll be a very happy Iguana owner.

Okay, here a few lovely pictures from the big boy in a much happier mood (watch the legs hanging down) and on a stroll through my flat.
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