Thursday, May 3, 2012

The buzzer went and my heart stopped...

I'm a jumpy person; doesn't matter what it is, the buzzer, the phone, you coming round the corner or walking behind me, I'm always deep in thoughts and will jump out of my skin. Sometimes even with hilarious sound effects, making those who didn't intent to scare me, jump. too. 

However, today's scare was a wonderful one. As I'd been waiting for a delivery and almost ripped the package out of the nice deliver man's hands: my three new writing companions had arrived. Vanilla, Macadamia Nut and Double Chocolate flavoured coffees and boy, I can tell you, the smell that came from the package once I opened it was divine.
I'm normally not a coffee drinker, tea is my elixir, but when my friend Bobby came back from the US with a Vanilla/Macadamia decaf, I made it my evening ritual to drink at least a mug (big) of coffee while writing. Since I couldn't find the supplier and -- in a state of total mindlessness -- had thrown away the packet, I had to find another one; I simply couldn't break with the tradition, could I? Finally, I had found Vanilla Hazelnut and White Chocolate flavoured coffees. Very much loved the White chocolate. Until they ran out, too.

Now, I'm sitting here with a first mug of Macadamia Nut coffee. It is delicious! Tonight, I'll try the Vanilla flavour while writing and you bet, it'll make me smile.

And if you like you can read a little excerpt of my current WIP (first draft):

Everyone stared at the two, standing there like a giddy pair of kids after a prank.
'Game over already?' Laura asked. 'Jason, did you let Nat play at all?'
Natalie shook her head and said, 'You will not believe what Jason just told me.'
Laura ran her hands through her hair. 'Let me guess, there's a radioactive trial downstairs?'
'Louise was just talking about it,' Gary said, sitting up.
Thanks for stealing my show, bitch. As much as she tried to not let Louise, or better her perfect being, get to her, Natalie struggled with her emotions. Although that girl didn't do anything to her, she couldn't help but dislike her. How she sat there, straight up, hair in a messy bun, pushing her glasses back. And even then, she looked sort of adorable, perfectly content with herself. And by the looks of it, she didn't even have to do anything to attract Jason. She caught a glance from Louise, an open, friendly expression, as if apologising for being the one who broke the exciting news. Natalie inhaled deeply and tried to calm herself down, thinking of an opportunity to change the topic.
'Ah, then, Jason and I thought we could do a double. You know two against two. Who wants to join us?'
'I haven't played for ages, but I'm up for it,' Louise said, smoothing down her shirt.
Natalie smiled and waved at her, but internally she snorted. Of course Louise had to be the one. She'd hoped for Laura and Sarah. 'We need someone else, who's coming then?'
Laura got up when nobody else did. 'Okay, okay, I'm in, too.'
'Great, let's go.'
'Be there in a minute, just getting a coffee,' Natalie said.
Sarah grinned at Gary. 'So, what are we going to do then?'
His ears glowed and he shrugged. 'Dunno, do you play chess?'
'Do I play chess?' Sarah laughed. 'Not well, and that like a pro.'
He chuckled, seemingly excited.
'I think I saw one in the TV room. Wait here. I'll check.'
Gary nodded and shuffled in his seat.
Natalie sniggered. 'That'll probably as interesting a match as ours.' Sniggering some more, she held the door open for Sarah and winked at Gary, who dropped his eyes immediately. If Natalie wouldn't know better, she would have thought he either had a crush on her or was extremely intimidated.
'Good luck,' Sarah said before she went into the TV room.
'And you.'
Natalie closed the door and chuckled again and, upon the questioning looks she received, explained the why while Laura did the first shot. They had decided that Louise would team up with Jason, which bugged Natalie a great deal. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity to watch them interact and find out if there was something going on, or better if it might happen. Perhaps she didn't have anything to get worked up over after this afternoon.
'I can see them getting along rather well,' Louise said, wiping her glasses at her shirt. 'Sarah is probably like a big sister to him. He seems relaxed in her company.'
'Yep, I noticed that, too,' Laura said, hitting the next ball hard. It knocked against the cushion, then sent a few other balls flying across the table and finally dropped in a side pocket. 'See, that's how you do it.' She stood, cue in hand, and grinned.
Jason gaped for a second, then turned to Louise, 'You better have some talent or they're going to smash us.'
She laughed and shook her head. 'Don't get your hopes up, I haven't played for at least a year.'
He threw his arms up, theatrically. 'We're fucked!'
Natalie set her jaw. Determined to not let anyone know what she really felt, she concentrated on the table. At this moment, she wished they'd never decided to take part in the trial.
'Can't be worse than Nat,' Jason looked at Natalie and winked to make her understand he's only joking. Natalie pulled off a smile, but it turned into a grimace. Sensing that he said something wrong, he went over and kissed her. She returned the kiss briefly and pointed over her shoulder. 'Your turn, Jase.' Don't you think you can fool me.
'Okay, watch how a pro wins a game.'
Laura snorted and Louise sucked in a sharp breath. Natalie said nothing, instead she stared to the floor. It didn't take a genius to see that something was in the air between Jason and Natalie, but Laura couldn't, for the life of her, make out what it might be. It probably had been bound to happen anyway and, normally, they'd sort it out soon after. Maybe it had to do with him and Louise discovering about the strange trial below. If it was jealously, it certainly was absolutely without reason. There were no initial signs, and even if there were, Jason would be pretty stupid to do anything right under his girlfriend's nose. In any case, it was better to stay out of it, watch from the distance and only step in when it's getting too much. Presumably, by tonight, everything will be peaceful again. Hopefully. Laura cleared her throat and grabbed the chalk. For now it's the game she wanted concentrate on. After Jason failed to sink the next ball, it was Natalie's turn.
'Go on, Nat, show 'em.' Laura smiled.
Jason disguised a snort as cough, showing not very much faith in his girlfriend's abilities, which Natalie returned with a look that could freeze an ice cube.
'Aww, that's not nice, Jason,' Louise said, punching him playfully in the arm.
'What?' He laughed and hopped aside, rubbing where she got him. 'I'm only teasing.'
Natalie thrust her cue forward, sending the ball flying over the cushion and onto the floor. She cursed. What was wrong with him? Yes, they loved having a banter, but couldn't he see how distressed she was? And they were definitely flirting! Her first gut instinct had been right. How dare he? And what was Louise's problem, too bored in her own relationship that she had to ruin others? Natalie set her jaw. Not if she could help it. Jason was hers and nobody would come between them. She'd show that fucking bitch where she could shove her advances.
'Nat, gee, what's up with you? It's only a game, you're normally not such a bad loser.' Jason eyed her suspiciously. He felt like he'd done something wrong. It wasn't like he told Natalie her arse had become too fat. The exchange had by no means been different to those they had at home or with other friends and she had never reacted this sensitively. He thought for a moment. Hormones, it must be her hormones. She was always a bit on the sensitive side before she got her period and having lived with her for long enough now, he knew exactly when she was due and that time was approaching fast. He knew better than to ignore it. 'Come on, Nat, I was just kidding.'
'You know what? You can fuck yourself,' Natalie said throwing her cue onto the table, dismissing the thoughts she had a minute ago. All she wanted was to leave the room and be by herself for a moment to clear her head. Without looking at anyone, she stomped out the room, slamming the door for more effect.
Jason and Laura exchanged knowing looks; Louise breathed out loudly, staring after the departed. 'What was that?'
'I'm not sure,' Jason said, leaning his cue against the table. 'I think I'll go and find her.'
Laura grabbed his arm. 'Leave her. Don't think you'll be able to talk to her now. I'll look for her in a bit.'

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