Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just seen and can't stop laughing

Although it's no laughing matter. The things people do... I'm gasping for air, shaking my head and...

Oh well, let's get to the read story. So there are a few readers who want to help Indies by reviewing their books. Which is absolutely lovely and much appreciated. On one of the threads on Amazon, where people are supposed to reply with their book links, pops up a a girl, complaining she received one negative review, by someone who claims she's spamming the fora with her book.

A quick click on her name shows the book of a guy, the only review that girl did. Now since she said it's her book, s/he has openly admitted to reviewing her own book under a different identity. Another quick research revealed that most of the reviews seem to have been made either by himself under different names or friends and family. All five stars, of course. There were some with four stars, I didn't check on them.

And one more research for the book title showed this author, again slightly obscured by just using his initials and surname has spammed the fora, as the reviewer said.

The one negative review, by the way, is a wonderfully balanced and fair-sounding assessment.

Now if that's not funny, I don't know what else is. I can only shake my head in wonder what length people will go to get their books sold and read, thinking readers are the most stupid people in the universe.

And all Indies suffer.

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