Thursday, May 31, 2012

Opium for London!

Got your hopes up, eh? I'm terribly sorry, but I couldn't come up with a better title. To be fair, it's a rather suitable one because I'm mainly reporting about the roof garden and there, the poppies have begun to flower. I don't think I've ever seen one up close or even touched one, but I can now say they're really really pretty. Interesting that they come in different colours and the pale one looks a big creased. Nature is a wonderful thing.
We also have our first tomatoes and courgettes flowering and the nasturtium, too. Sun and water are the main ingredients for growing. Speaking of water, here a fun picture:
Four water cans, three tabs (on opposite sides of the garden) and I. Since the hosing ban, we can only water with watering cans and let me tell you, the about 80 boxes we have take a lot of it. So there was me, running back and forth between the tabs and the flower beds and in between the guys who put up the inflatable roof. (Fascinating how much work is involved and how long it takes.) Every now and again I poured some fluid (tea) into me, and then went ahead. My arms are certainly a few inches longer and my already flat feet are now straight, methinks.
When all was done, three hours had gone and I thought it's time for a beer. I was joined by the florist, whose flowerpots I also watered, leaving him jobless for the day. I honestly didn't know they employed a gardener and I was in full swing with my watering, so I just poured water into anything that looked dry. Erin, and I had a good laugh over a beer. A knackering, but pleasant day it was. Guess I'll sleep well tonight.

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