Friday, July 27, 2012

A bit of Friday fun: I ate a penis

About a year ago, I started a thread with the title 'I ate a penis', which made quite a few people laugh and others cringe. Probably not the fact that I apparently ate the phallus, but that I mentioned the word penis. How dare I? Well, of course I didn't chop off a man's best bit to eat it, nope; I tried a new recipe with Monkfish, which frighteningly resembled a certain sexual organ when finished. Add the tomato sauce and you have a blood bath after making a man sing an octave higher. Needless to say, that I won't add said recipe to my collection. Imagine you open a cook book and are greeted by a shrunk penis in a pool of blood? It was rather funny to joke about it, though, and my friend Catherine kept teasing me I should have taken a picture.
Anyway, it had sparked a fun discussion with plenty of hilarious comments. ]
Now, today, I felt a bit German and threw a Bratwurst on the barbecue, when it was all done and browned, I poured ketchup over it and dusted it with curry powder. That's called Currywurst and I love it. But when I placed it in front of me and looked a bit closer, I realised I had created another penis. Brilliant, I thought, let's take a picture now. So, for you, Catherine, here's the proof, will you know stop teasing me? :-)
I promise to always take a picture of the penes I'll eat in future.

There you go, a little lesson in how to be a German in style. But fear not, I also had a healthy salad with honey mustard dressing.
The lettuce, of course freshly picked from the garden. You can't get the type of variety in the shops or supermarkets.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

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