Friday, July 6, 2012

Male green iguanas and female owners

Yes, Zorro is in mating season again, but, compared to the last two years, he's reasonably calm. I can't even tell you how happy that makes me. Although he is very aggressive towards me and tries to sink his teeth into my flesh, I can deal with that. Sort of. Touching him is out of question, or only if he really is generous and lets me. He's not eating, only bits of banana, a few leaves of rocket or some blueberries, which is normal for mating season. I have also covered the glass with bubble wrap, so if he jumps against the window, it'll help prevent him getting a bleeding and swollen snout. A typical injury in iguanas during mating season and all too often ends up needing a visit to the vet and antibiotics. So far, it's working just fine. he only bumped his nose a couple of times and that was when he tore the bubble wrap down. It just can't withstand sharp claws and 6kg hanging on it. My observations show that his being calmer might have to do with my being not as stressed as I was the last two years. The situation with my upstairs neighbours had me so cornered, that I didn't have any opportunity to relax. Since I've move house, the iguana seems to pick up on my vibes. Interesting, isn't it? They are rather perceptive.
Those of you who read last year's entries regarding Zorro being in mating season will remember that I wanted to have him a hormone implant, but that needs to be done well before they get into season. Somehow, I had the feeling he started a bit earlier than expected so I missed having it done. Since he's 'fine' I think it may not have been too bad. I don't like messing with his hormones and would only do it if both of us are in danger, which we were last year, but if he remains as he is now in future, I'd be more than happy to deal with a grumpy iguana. What's new anyway? :-)
That said, I'm really glad to have wooden flooring as he recently, when I had him out to clean his vivarium, attacked me. If that would have been on carpet, I'd have stitches in my shin right now. He just shot forwards in order to bite me and his powerful jaw and strong teeth would easily be able to take a piece out of my leg/arm or wherever he manages to get me. They sometimes, will bite into something and shake their heads violently. If that's tender human flesh, it'll result in a blood bath.
However, I was a lucky girl and locked him away in the bedroom for the time being. If you have a female with an iguana in mating season, you have to watch your back. They are smart and sneaky; the moment you don't look, you'll make yourself a target.

Cheeky, innit? I still wouldn't change him for the world. Look at him being pulled out of his sleep. I tried to remove the shed skin on his horn on the nose while he slept. He opened his eye only that bit. I left him in peace and he immediately fell asleep again.

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