Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Cover celebration!

To those who've known me for longer will now snigger and roll their eyes. I have a new cover for No Wings Attached. Since I only paid for a year for the girl in the picture, I had no choice but to change it again. It had been my problem book no.1. Because of the unusual nature of combined chick lit and paranormal romance, it wasn't so easy to create a suitable cover. In total I had six (including myself) people working on it and about ten different versions, six of them since it was published about a year ago. Even I got dizzy at some point. And since it's a series, it's even more difficult. Yesterday, an author friend of  mine offered to play around a bit and after plenty of e-mails sent back and forth, the following was the end version I fell in love with.
Although there are no wings or angels in the novel (Tom is a wish consultant, more like a cross between a guardian angel and a genie) they are perfect for the title. I woke up today, looked at the cover another time and fell in love with it all over again. It's simple, it's bold, it's just pretty. (Thank you, Sandra.)

Life couldn't get any worse for 32-year-old Celia: single again and working in two jobs she hates; the last thing she needs is falling for gorgeous, out-of-her-league, arrogant Tom.
Being a wish-consultant, Tom has to make up for a failed case and is sent to make her wishes come true without his usual skills. Not easy when she's reluctant to talk to him. In order to help her become happy, he needs to win her trust and unexpectedly develops feelings he shouldn't have.
When finally everything seems to fall into place for Celia, she receives a phone call that turns her world upside down once again.

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