Saturday, April 28, 2012

Want something different? Quick and easy meat salad

Every now and again I have a craving for meat salad. Something you don't find easily in the supermarkets, at least not the ones I crave. The only way to get my hands on them is Lidl, but they're so heavy on the mayonnaise, I'll be sick if I eat two slices of rye bread with that salad on it. So what to do? I make my own, which has two advantages: I know what goes in it and I also can do several variations.

The easy recipe:
Either cooked ham or chicken roll (finely sliced)
Gherkins finely chopped
Salt/Pepper, bit of the Gherkin water. Mix all, let it rest over night. Enjoy.

The recipe of the salad in the picture:
Chicken roll finely sliced
Gherkins finely chopped
Spring onion finely sliced
Mayonnaise mixed with quark (Morrison's sells it) or you can use low fat yogurt.
A tablespoon of English mustard
Salt/Pepper, bit of Gherkin water and finely chopped herbs. Again, mix all, let it rest over night.

I love it with rye bread or warm toast. Next time, I'll try the latter recipe with mandarins and curry powder. 

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