Friday, April 27, 2012

Up, up, up

After the radical drop in sales two months ago, things are beginning to move in the right direction again. Up, that is. I'm talking about the short stories, not the novels here. For the past few days, I've sold at least one book per day, today as many as three (!) so far, and Excuse me, where is the exit? has even had a moment of dipping into the top 100 humour charts. Two or three days ago, I stumbled over a book which had my book in the 'Customer who bought this book, also bought' recommendation underneath, which, I assume, is a good sign. Those are the cross-references authors need. Someone asked me if I can't promote my book in another way, to which I replied that I'm tired of the constant promotion. Twitter and Facebook, I learned, don't work. I put a link on there every so often, but I'm not after other authors, I want readers. Plus, I guess, that if I'm annoyed with the spam overload, others probably will be, too.
That baby has to make it on its own again. And so it does, even if slowly, it seems to recover from the sudden drop after entering the KPD select programme. Maybe the newest 5-star review contributed to it:
Nice collection of the authors thoughts on all sorts of situations we ve all faced.. I loved the changing/ shopping episode.. how true to life that was !! I enjoyed this book,,, well worth seeking out . Can we have more ?? 

Had to laugh when my friend said, "Gee, it's not that those people are forced to write such nice things, why doesn't the bloody book sell?'
If I knew, I would be a hell of a lot wiser. My guess is that I didn't do myself a favour rushing in the beginning and starting to sell an error-riddled book. Though, according to Big Al, it wasn't too bad -- borderline. Everything is cleaned up now; I uploaded the latest version in March before my last promo day.

I doubt the sales trickling in are subsequent sales after reading my novel, as I could imagine people would rather want to read the first book in the series. In any case, I'm glad that a few more readers are having a giggle or even laugh-out-loud-moment and, who knows, maybe I'll be able to report that I've crossed the 10k mark (very far away, though) at some point .

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