Friday, April 6, 2012

Don't press replay; shoot this week!

Do you know the feeling of 'gee, I really want this shite week to be over and crossed off the calender'? Yes? Good, because that's how I felt this week. It started with an e-mail that had me fuming for three days, followed by a flat tyre, brakes that need fixing after the guy, who repaired my bike, somehow loosened them so they don't grip properly, leaving me no choice but to cycle slowly; an absolutely hardcore ADHD day on Wednesday and as if that wasn't enough, it pissed down on us while we did our gardening session and I froze like hell. I missed (forgot) my appointment with my GP and have terrible back pain. Oh and my laptop either has a virus or a worm. I get a pop up, apparently from Windows, telling me I have to click continue if I started the programme, so I click cancel and it won't disappear but stay there, flashing. Ran my anti-virus programme twice and removed the threats. Still coming up and I also can't access my e-mails (gmail) properly. Yay! I had such a great week, I could jump. What's worse is that I didn't write since Monday and it annoys me. I've thrown my deadline of mid May out of the window, because I will never be able to make it. Not even end of May. I still have 60k words to go.

However, there were a few small things that lifted my mood temporarily: someone thought I was ten years younger than I am; a lovely guy flirted with me (no idea how that happened with my grumpiness); I met up with a lovely woman for a coffee, I made wonderful quick jam (recipe below) and I pinched (courtesy Finsbury Park Cafe) a few runners from a spider plant to get some more green for my flat.

Here the recipe for the quick jam:
I'm not a fan of throwing away food, so I try to use as much as I can:
Strawberries and pears (when they go all soft)/ or orange juice/segments
Wash and chop after discarding the core, then bring to the boil (straight into the pan).
Mash them a little so the liquid can reduce. When it's almost gone, blend and add sugar to your liking. I use fruit sugar instead of caster sugar. Fill into glasses.
Keep in the fridge when cooled down, use within a week.
I have it with yogurt and muesli or scones.

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