Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rainy days, writing and social networking

I haven't been to the garden in a while, mainly because I wasn't in the mood and it was rather cold and wet in London. Don't get me wrong, the wet was really necessary for the lack of rain in general. Funny, because everyone thinks it rains constantly in London. Far from that. Believe me, it doesn't. Nevertheless, as some of you might remember, I bought an Ostfriesennerz (reversible blue and yellow rain coat) and the boots to the left in October last year. They are originally sailor's boots, but do the trick just as fine on land. And, who knows, I'd love to go for a sailing trip one day. Never did it before, but it's been on my wish list for quite some time. I love the wind and the water, so I assume, it  must be fun. Exhausting, but immensely enjoyable being with a few good people out on the sea.
Okay, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon, but a girl is allowed to dream, right? In the meantime, I wear the gear every time when it rains, though, as mentioned above, they are rare occasions. Yesterday, I saw a massive black front coming up and since I needed to get some food for the iguana, I decided to go blue and yellow, take a walk through the park in order to proof that the 100% waterproof applies. Ha! Typical. I put on the boots and jacket and walked. For an hour! Without even one drop falling from the sky. Very funny, weather, the joke's on me, then. I got funny looks, though. I'm convinced it's people admiring my rain coat. Admittedly, it's rather unconventional, but I had a few comments in the past, and they were all positive. If it rains, I don't get wet, that's for sure. So, after a good walk in the dry, I came back with hopes of being able to write. Forget it! My muse has other ideas. I leaned out of the window and screamed, 'Get your arse back here, Muse!' and waited. Nothing. Odd. I get rather annoyed if I don't write every day. It's weird, after the massive headache attack, I've lost connection to the thriller�to writing in general�which is not what I expected after the good creative wave I surfed on for a while, churning out 1000 words a day. I really want to get back to that. One a positive note: around 2.30am, I wrote 150 words for another book (contemporary fiction), a scene that kept bugging me. Seems, the urge to write is coming back slowly and as the weather's not improving much, I shall make the most of it and force myself to sit down and continue with the thriller. I've also decided to take a step back from social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. It feels like it became too much to handle. Not one day passed on which I wasn't bombarded with invitations to look at a page, to like something or participate at an online book launch. There are still too many Indies who don't understand that I'm not their audience. Anyway, you'll still find me here.



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