Sunday, April 1, 2012

Romantic dinner for three

Not so much romantic, yet still a dinner -- indoor barbecue to be precise. My friend Bobby had the idea of doing a BBQ on the roof and my other friend John had time, too, so we were all rather excited to do the first BBQ of the year. Ours, that is, as I know others already did theirs. It was a little too cold to sit outside, especially on a windy roof (very good timing, Weather! Thanks a bunch for that!).
Friday evening I prepared the marinades, one tomato based and the other one oil and herbs (from the garden), cut the chicken into thin slices and smothered them thoroughly with the marinades. I did Tzaziki, a Greek yogurt sauce with heaps of garlic and went to bed later, a big smile on my face.
I love a barbecue, me. And I'll freely admit that I'm a sausage girl. I know my sausages and am rather picky with them.

So Saturday evening arrived, I had also bought some bread, had prepared a salad and cleaned my flat (if you are as lazy as I am regarding that, just invite your friends regularly. Always a reason to tidy up and clean.)
The iguana lay in a corner on the top shelf, probably wondering what's going on when I moved the dining table to get us three seated. When John arrived, we had a glass of wine and began with the BBQ. Cold weather would not defeat us and luckily I have an electric one.
Bobby, on the other hand, had a little trouble finding my house, despite having been here a few times, he took a few long rounds around the block and through back streets, with me on the phone, before he finally arrived, a lot later to say the least, having worked up a great appetite. I know the feeling of getting lost, but yesterday, I handed him the biscuit -- he clearly deserved it.

The food was delicious, the chicken succulent and had absorbed the marinades, the Bratwurst, was okay (never tried this brand and probably won't do that again) and we ate everything with much gusto. Ros� and much laughter accompanied the meal, oddly enough we spoke about sex, from being loud to with whom and how. One gay guy, one hetero guy and I. We howled. A lot.

Bobby and I already agreed on doing a BBQ on the roof next Sunday. Sadly, John can't be there, but I'm sure, since the summer's just beginning, that we'll have plenty of 'romantic' dinners for three this year.

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