Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why I started writing - a true story.

Every now and again, I think back of how I began to take writing more seriously. Despite from writing all my life, jotting down my teenage thoughts, I never really considered it a career or something ongoing. I started several books, all hand-written, later on a typewriter and ten years ago on a computer. Some pages still must be floating around somewhere.

But, the event that got me thinking, was a love letter, yes, you read right, a love letter which I wrote to a guy I was madly in love with. What a surprise, eh?

I had a lot to tell him and though we were quite close, the love wasn't mutual. He was anything, but certainly not ready for a relationship and perhaps not with me anyway.

However, one evening, I sat down at my kitchen table, lit a candle and poured me a glass of wine. An open note pad and pen in front of me, I organised what I wanted to get off my chest and began to write.

When I finished I had written ten pages in my rather awful handwriting. It basically had poured out of me and I was content with the result.

Next day at work, I handed it over to him, asking him to not open it before he's at home. Which he accepted. Later in the evening, I texted him with an apology for I thought he might be intimidated. He wasn't. He texted back saying it was brave of me to write this in the first place and second, he added, that he thought I should write books because he loved my style. It wasn't the least what I've expected as a reply.

After that, I started with short stories, full of observational humour, biting dark comedy. He read everything I gave him and demanded more. My first fan was born.

I stopped writing for a while.

Years on, I read a series of books that wouldn't let go off me when I finished and my decision was to write a novel that will captivate a reader alike. Many if possible. And I wrote my first book, as I already said in 2,5 months. Since I started it, I have been writing on a regular basis, improved, changed my style and I can't even imagine a life without writing.

I think I would never have had the confidence without that man who was the first to encourage me. Thank you, Jan. My third novel is well under its way and many short stories of different genres, too.

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