Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to name my baby

Yes, I'm pregnant with my third child. It's 21,450 words now and will be about 70k when it's ready for the world to see it in all its beauty.

Today I want to talk about finding a book title. Everyone has a different approach to this topic. Mine is, to start writing with a working title that comes to mind first and while I write, I will find others. I remember my first book, No Wings Attached, was called Do wishes come true? beforehand. I didn't like the title so I made a list of about ten possible titles. Nothing really worked and I gave up.
One night, I woke up and the name literally jumped at me. I noted it down immediately in order to remember the next day. And No Wings Attached was born.

And you think it's funny, was actually the first name that came into my mind and I still think it's suitable. Written in second person and a sarcastic undertone. Perfectly mirrored by the title. By the way, it has a publisher's interest, but nothing is set in stone yet, so I won't tell more.

Sometimes, I have the title before I even started writing. Such a novel sits in one folder waiting to be continued. I have written one scene only, but it's going to be an interesting, again, literary fiction piece.

Parallel to my current novel I'm writing a ADHD diary, because I always wanted to write about living with ADHD.

Do you want to take a sneak peek?
From 'The ADHD diaries'

05 September 2010

I've felt weirdly down since three days now. It's a bit like living in a cloud, you get up, you eat, drink, simply function, but with no real goal. I wanted to buy fish today, since I have decided to lose weight, some serious weight. But I can't be bothered to leave the house. It's like I find a thousand excuses to not go into public. I hate getting ready, I also hate having a shower. I don't even know why. Is this because of the repetition? Or is it because I have to undress, wait for the hot water to come, then the procedure of washing the hair, rinsing it, soaping the body, shaving, towelling and then put some lotion on? I have no idea, I only know that I dread a shower. I just like the result of having good smelling hair, and to carry around the scent of whatever body butter or lotion I put on.

My third mug a tea, a bowl of fruit next to me, I'm sitting here to write down what goes through my head. Yesterday, I wrote a few friends that's I'm not feeling well, meaning my depressions or better ADHD demands its attention. Funny enough for an attention deficit disorder. It is successful, though, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this now. When I'm in this state of mind, I tend to see the world through dark-tinted glasses. Nothing motivates me, nobody can make things better, and I want to snap at everyone. I wrote xxxx an e-mail saying that I'm fed up with life and fighting. He didn't even respond. That hurts and doesn't exactly lift my mood. But it's not his responsibility to do that, I know, it still hurts and I decided to now write him until he comes to me. I'm sure this decision will be amended soon � I seem incapable of resisting.

Since I can't sit still for hours, I just got up, after writing a huge chunk for my current novel, went to the loo, made the decision to defrost something I cooked two weeks ago and stay inside. Tomorrow is another day, isn't it? I brought the mug and bowl into the kitchen, came back, sat down and remembered why I went into the kitchen: to take the container out of the freezer. Typical ADHD. It happens so often. While I'm typing I'm distracted constantly, by my iguana, the noises outside, even a little pause distracts me, since I then switch windows to see if I got an e-mail or more clicks on my websites. Sad, I know, but at least I'm writing and it flows, sort of. A million thoughts run through my head and I'm trying to channel what I want to type. I got a little carried away, hence the huge chunk I had to take out and save for later use. However, there's my goal which I have to reach by midnight and that is about 550 words I need to write for the next part of the novel.

I just about resisted to call my friend Thomas to tell him some updates. Seems I might get out of the dark phase. The fact that I'm writing is another clue. Tomorrow, I have cleaning flat on my agenda. Needs to be done. I have the habit of setting me a task, be it cooking something special, writing a short story, going to Camden or cleaning my flat, I must set a day for it, then, I'll follow it through. Okay, I admit, writing often comes unexpected and I'm glad it does. At this moment, my thoughts went stray, reminding me that I wanted to do the laundry or I will have no clean underwear for tomorrow. Will do that later. I love later. Procrastination is my most favourite friend. After typing the last four sentences, I got interrupted again, this time to put some hand cream on. They are dry. Since I've sat here for about fifteen minutes, I think about getting up and make me a pot of fruit tea. I have neglected my habits. Usually, I drink about two to three litres of tea and water every day.

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