Monday, September 20, 2010

Publication, no matter what?

I think every aspiring author fears them: rejections. On a good day, I shrug them off and tell myself it's just one person's opinion. On a bad day, I want to go and throw my manuscript into the Thames. The majority of days though, I delete the e-mail of the agent or publishing house, when it's a standard rejection.

Recently, I got one from a small publishing house that liked my premise of No Wings Attached, but thought it needs another edit and sent me some notes to see what they mean. They also suggested some serious rewrites that would tweak my storyline and MC's into a direction I'm not comfortable with. They said if I did that, they'd love to see my book again.

I had a thought about it, and though I'm absolutely thankful for their notes and will take them into account, I've decided to not rewrite to 'match' their audience better. It's not that I won't be open to rewrite scenes, certainly not, as long as it's in my comfort zone, but I have seen so many authors rewriting several times and still being rejected by the very publisher who asked for rewrites.

My theory is that if the publishing house or agent likes a book enough, even if it requires some rewrites, then they would sign the author.

No Wings Attached will receive another last edit before I send it out again, maybe rewrites even, some I scenes I might feel unhappy with, but it will stay the book it is. If it never sells, then it is not meant to be sold, I have plenty of other ideas and books.

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