Saturday, September 11, 2010

Snout injuries in Iguana Iguana

If you have a particular skittish or aggressive iguana, you may pay the vet a few more visits. My big boy hasn't stopped banging his nose against the glass since he moved into his enclosure. As I explained earlier, male iguanas can become quite aggressive towards their female owners and I have a perfect example for that living with me. As soon as I come nearer, he'll change into threatening posture, he'll extent his dewlap, come running to the point I'm standing and will jump, even from a distance of 50cm in order to sink his teeth into my flesh.

Lucky for me, the glass stops him.
Unlucky for him, he has now a severe snout injury. It's swollen, and bleeding every time he jumps against the glass. And quite obviously he's in severe pain. My problem is, that I need to handle him, changing food, cleaning the vivarium, spraying, checking on him. These tasks require me going near the vivarium and often end up with him banging his nose again. A circle that does concern me.

I will need to see the vet, as I fear he has developed an abscess since some solid tissue is discharged and to check this properly, I need the vet to have a look at it.

This will cost me about �50 the least and can add up to �700 if my worries are confirmed and he needs to administer a GA to remove the tissue.

He behaves normally, is active, eats, (Bananas mainly, which I don't like, but at least the eats) and a little wild rocket if offered from hand.

Here two pictures to give you an idea of how his snout looks:
The second shows him right after he banged his snout.

Will keep you posted.

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