Friday, March 16, 2012

You scared yet?

I recently posted a picture of Zorro and me on Facebook and even I must admit that he looks massive in it. He sits on my arm and is much closer to the camera than I am. To me he's still a small big boy, if that makes sense? Since I see him every day, I don't realise how much he's grown. But I'll post some pictures of him when he was three in August 2008 and to compare, I'll have some pictures I took this week.

<--August 2008, the day I got him. Ignore what I think might be a sock in the background. The wonderfully coloured animal is important!

This one is a year later (2009), you can see his love for getting a head rub. It's also the first year he bit me since he reached maturity. He also has a perfectly normal looking snout. It was not as firm as it should've been, but that's probably due to lack of calcium in his food as a baby. You can see that his big cheeks aren't developed yet. -->

<-- This is 2010 and he's unfortunately bashed his nose a couple of times too many. You can see the 'adult' features now. Colour changes to brownish, the cheeks are filled with fat, he has put on weight, too.

His head in my hand in comparison to the 2009 picture. -->

<-- Looking out of the window, probably wondering when the next iguana girl walks by. I love this picture as it shows the rather beautiful, yet painful, spikes he has on his neck. They are a defence when they get into fights. And apparently also when I want to grab him. I can't tell you how many times I've been hurt by them.

The picture that caused a few gasps on Facebook: him on my shoulder/arm 2012 and looking pretty happy.

He's now about 150cm long (50 cm the body alone) and weighs a massive 6kg. I have my troubles to hold him properly. If he really wants to get out of my grip, he'll manage by doing the dead roll. His tail is his strong weapen with its root measuring about 22cm. A whip is rather unpleasant.

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